MCOA  Baseball Committees



Evaluation Committee:        The Evaluation Committee is responsible for setting up the process and selecting those individuals who will assist with the evaluation of member officials within the local officials association.  Each official with two or more years’ experience should be evaluated at least once during each season.  First-year officials should be evaluated periodically throughout the season so that mini-clinics may be offered, if necessary, to re-enforce good officiating skills.





Assignment Committee:       The Assignment Committee is responsible for overseeing the entire contest assignment procedure within the local officials association.  This includes ensuring compliance with requirements on the composition of officiating crews, reviewing and approving each member official’s schedule of assigned contests, and making the assigning officer aware of any corrections that need to be made before the

assignment schedule is submitted to the membership.  It is not implied that the Assignment Committee is to make assignments.





Grievance Committee:         The Grievance Committee is responsible for hearing complaints and appeals made or brought by one or more of its member officials.  Member officials who have grievances because of penalties may appeal under the provisions of the local officials association’s constitution and By-laws.





Education and Training Committee:





Recommendations Committee:      The Recommendations Committee is responsible for reviewing the evaluations of each member official during the regular season.  This committee is also responsible for preparing and submitting to the FHSAA Office a list of member officials who deserve consideration for assignment to State Series contests.  The assignment officer (booking commissioner) should act on the recommendations of this committee.


3.212   The Recommendations Committee within each local officials association must compile and submit by the prescribed deadline to the FHSAA Office a list of member officials who deserve consideration for assignment to a regional tournament contest or state tournament contest.  This list of recommended officials must be approved by majority vote of the local officials association membership prior to its submission to the FHSAA Office.  The assignment officer (booking commissioner) should act on the recommendations of this committee.



Those officials in each sport who have met the following criteria will be given priority consideration for selection to work State Series contests:

(a)               Officials who are registered with the FHSAA for that sport and are in good standing:

(b)               Officials who are classified by the FHSAA as Rank 1 or Rank 2 in that sport;

(c)               Officials who were selected to officiate a district tournament contest in that sport;

(d)               Official who have scored “80” or above on the FHSAA rules examination for that year in that sport;

(e)               Officials who have attended the FHSAA rules clinic for that year in that sport;

(f)                 Officials who are recommended to the FHSAA Office by the local officials association to which they belong.


Last year, we decided to breakdown the officials into two brackets

(a)   crew chief (plate umpire)

(b)   field umpire

-                      We listed all the officials who were eligible (from commissioner)

-                      Each official was listed under both groups

-                      To get as many officials who were eligible post season experience, we decided that an official could only be ranked in one group.  In other words, an official could only rank the other official as either a crew chief or a field umpire.

-                      Since there were five districts last year, we decided to prepare five crews.  This worked out fairly well since there were a total of 18 eligible officials.

-                      Each member was told to rank each group.  Rankings were one through five (one being the best) for crew chief; one through ten (one being the best) for field umpire

-                      If a member did not know an official, they were instructed to put “N/A” next to the name of that official.  To us, the “N/A” was treated as a credit, as opposed to a negative ranking.


Placing or Ranking or Totaling the Results.

-                      Counted total number of “ballots” received

-                      Next to official’s name, we put each individual rank, in each group

-                      Threw out any ballot that listed official(s) in both groups.

*These did not count toward the total

-                      Added up the rankings and divided by total number of good ballots ranked.

-                      We felt that an official had to be ranked in one group by a majority.  There were exceptions.

-                      We decided to have a power ranking.

51% = Member’s ranking

29% = Evaluations

15% = Miscellaneous (Experience, Test Score, etc.)

5%   = Recommendations Committee





Annual Election Meeting Committee:            Shall be in charge of location and content of our Annual Meeting.  Will inform all members of the time and place of said meeting, and secure a response from all members at to their attendance.  Should any By-Law changes be proposed, they shall provide copies of these proposed changes to the membership at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting.  Additionally, Article V Sec. 2 of the MCOA By-Laws shall be complied with by this committee.





Note:   The Commissioner of Baseball shall be ex-Officio on all standing committees.


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