The game uniform shall be worn as prescribed by the provisions set forth in the National Federation Football Manual, FHSAA Officials Handbook, and the MCOA Standards. The uniform shall be properly fitted, clean, and complete. The uniform cap shall be worn on the head with the bill to the front and centered. It shall be secured so that it does not keep falling off the head.

• Referee: sized, white solid material
• Position officials: sized, black solid material with white piping

• All officials are to wear same type shirt as outlined in the NFHS Officials Manual either short or long sleeve. The shirt is to be non-meshed material, FHSAA patch centered on front, left breast pocket, USA flag patch on left sleeve 2” above the top of the black cuff/ribbing of the sleeve, USA flag patch for the a long sleeve shirt on left sleeve, centered 3” down from the shoulder/sleeve seam. If a T-shirt is worn under this shirt it must be pure black. Having visible under shirts protruding from under short-sleeve shirts is not acceptable.

• Black Football Slacks with belt loops and two set-in rear pockets, one with flap. The 1 1/4" white stripe running from waist to the non-cuffed seams and conforms to NFHS specifications. • Black coaches shorts with belt loops, worn for sub varsity, scrimmages and pre-season contests.

• Black officials belt with silver buckle with no inappropriate adornments are worn with all types of pants.

• With Black slacks - black socks
• With Black shorts - white crew socks only, no ankle socks.

• Solid black with black laces are required, no logos or markings they must be blacked out.

Penalty Flags
• Two yellow weighted flags required; may be carried in pockets or packed in the front of knickers, slacks or shorts. The weighted end of the flag should be the only portion visible.

• Black whistle on a black lanyard or a finger type.

Game Card
• Pencil/pen and game card for recording game information.

Chain Clip
• Required for Linesman only.

Stop/Game watch
• Required for Clock Operator.
• Required for Line Judge (4-man crew).
• Required for Back Judge (5 & 7 man crew).
• Required for Side Judge and Field Judge (6-man crew)

Bean Bags solid white and blue
• Two are required one white and one blue, this meets current mechanics requirements, for the position being worked.

Down Indicator
• Black elastic wrist loop band or thick rubber band.

White/Black Towel
• Umpires only; recommended and encouraged for inclement weather games only. A white or black towel may be used; both shall be no less than 4 inches in width and 12 inches in length and no greater than 18 inches in width and 36 inches in length without markings.

Clock Operator
• Business casual; dark trouser and light collared shirt is recommended.
Playoff crew, clock operators will wear a full game uniform and be
prepared to enter the game if necessary.




Please see Section 7.000 - Dress Code of the FHSAA Officials Guidebook.