Meetings/ Scrimmages & Other Important Dates

It is the responsibility of each MCOA Official to be knowledgeable of all upcoming meetings, scheduled events, scrimmages and local & FHSAA clinic attendance requirements for their sport. If an Official cannot attend, the Official must confirm their absence and provide a written (emailed) explanation to the sport commissioner & receive a written (emailed) "excused from attending" reply to avoid a fine or other punishment.

We will have two MANDATORY meeting. One on June 30 and another on August 8. I cover the same material at each meeting. You must attend one OR be excused in writing. Attend or not, you are expected to know, understand and apply correctly everything covered in the MANDATORY meeting. The August 8 meeting will include Brevard County High Schools Varsity Coaches. All are encouraged to attend this very important meeting.

I understand that sometimes life gets in the way of Volleyball. So, when life happens, take care of life first. Work, family, birthdays, anniversaries, school, etc., ALL of those things are more important than volleyball. I know that. But please remember, these meetings are for your benefit. So please make every effort to attend. Mark these dates on your calendar. Please look at your known life events and BLOCK those dates in ARBITER now. It is VERY frustrating for me & costly for you, when you have to decline an assignment because it falls on a date that you forgot to BLOCK.

First & second year MCOA Volleyball officials should attend ALL of our rules meetings & scrimmages, "how else will I know how good you are." During meetings we cover rules, situations, procedures, & mechanics. And have been known to have lively repartee on occasion. Please join us and participate.

All meeting times are 6-7:30pm @ the Central Brevard Library, unless otherwise noted.
Dates in RED are mandatory.

Thursday, June 30, Procedures, Rule differences, Ron Patrick
Thursday, July 7,  Rules 1-3, Ron Patrick
Thursday, July 14, Rules 4-6, Ron Patrick
Thursday, July 21, Rules 7-9, Training Committee
Thursday, July 28, Rules 10-12, TBD
August 1-15, various scrimmages
Monday, August 8, Meeting with Coaches, Viera H.S. Cafeteria
August 8-17, FHSAA On-Line testing
August 13, 8am-4pm, Training scrimmage @ Melbourne H.S.
                 JV in AM, Varsity in PM, breakfast & lunch provided
August 15-20, various Pre-Season Classics
Monday, August 22, start of season
Sept. 2-8, FHSAA On-Line make-up testing

A maximum of 10 promotional points are allowed for attendance at meetings, training sessions & scrimmages.

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