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Final Call

The MCOA would like to acknowledge our team members that have gone home after the final whistle. This page is dedicated to them, their families, friends and loved ones so they might know we have remembered them and their life that was a part of our team.
Missed and not forgotten

2023, Larry Makela Jr.

Larry Makela Jr.
Softball Umpire
Baseball Umpire
Umpired games with his Dad, HOF member Larry Sr.

2023, Kent DeVault

Kent Devault
Soccer Referee and youth club Board Member
US Coast Guard
Police Officer

2023, Dave McGuiness

Dave McGuiness
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Softball
MCOA General Officer
Sports Commissioner

2022, Dan Evans

dan evans
Basketball Referee
HS Math Teacher
KSC Employee

2022, Jim Shepherd

jim shepherd

Basketball Referee

2022, Charlie Battista

Charlie Battista

Softball Umpire, Fast and Slow pitch
High School and
College experience

2022, Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson

MCOA Founder, US Army Veteran
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Softball
State Championship Games
Obituary   Tribute From 2 MCOA Presidents   Bio  

2021, Oscar Restrepo

Oscar Restrepo

Soccer Referee, Club, HS, College, Professional
Soccer Coach
Softball Coach

2020, Bill Bancroft

Bill Bancroft

Basketball Referee, State Championship Games
U.S. Navy Veteran

2020, Abbot 'Abbey' Leonard

Ab Leonard

MCOA Basketball Referee, NISOA Soccer Referee
A mentor to young officials. An inspiration with his passion for officiating. He always wanted us to be a better official than we were the day before. He had no problem showing how much he loved officiating. Remember his license plate … ”NICE CALL”.
Obituary I   Obituary II  

2017, Joe Goldian

Joe Goldian

Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball Referee
U.S. Air Force Veteran
Buried in Arlington Cemetary

2015, Bob Dimmick

Bob Dimmick

Soccer Referee
U.S. Air Force Veteran
USAF Academy Grad, Test Pilot

2015, Scott Smith

Scott Smith

Soccer Player and Referee
NASA Goddard and KSC Employee


Crossing The Bar

Crossing The Bar


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