Mid Coast Officials Association (MCOA)

MCOA Hall of Fame

Eligibility and Requirements

The MCOA encourages past and present members who are in good standing with the MCOA to submit nominations for the MCOA Hall of Fame. Our plan is to identify the list of Hall of Fame Nominees at the June 14, 2021 General Membership Meeting with the first class of inductees announced at a to-be-determined event in 2022.

Please submit the nominations to the Hall of Fame committee chairperson- - Calvin Wright or to the President of the MCOA President or Vice-President of the MCOA.


Steve Muzzy

President, MCOA

1. Name

2. Sport(s)

3. Nominee years of services

4. How has the nominee impacted the Mid Coast Officials Association

5. Describe how the nominee has made lasting contributions to his or her sport

  • A past or present member demonstrating the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity, moral character, and professionalism in the community for past members having continuously performed distinguished service and leadership to the association, for current members in the Mid Coast Officials Association.
  • In addition to years served, nominee must have made a worthy physical and/or mental contribution to the Mid Coast Officials Association during his time of membership. Longevity without significant contribution or achievements does not constitute credentials for consideration.
  • Nominee may be living or a deceased member.
  • Nominee must have served as a Mid Coast Officials Association Board Member, Officer or some key position of service such as Rules interpreter, etc. Any distinguished contributions by any member should be considered as eligible. The board category could be a point in a nominee’s favor if a tie vote is involved.
  • Nominee must have been a Mid Coast Officials Association member for a minimum of twenty (20) years and have officiated in a minimum of two (2) state semi-finals or finals contests. Consideration will be given for extenuating circumstances.
    1. Non-Official nominees will be selected from individuals (i.e., Coaches, Athletic Directors, Principals, and Media) who have contributed to the Mid Coast Officials Association.
    2. Nominees should be considered based on their position and responsibility in the community as well as the effect that their service or contribution had on the improvement or development of goals and standards within the Mid Coast Officials Association.
  • Nominations for inductee’s must be submitted by:
    1. A Mid-Coast Official Association Member, past or present, in good standing with the association.
    2. The Hall of Fame Committee.
  • Nominees who are not selected for the Hall of Fame will remain on the list for selection consideration for a total of 5 years.
  • Nominees not selected after 5 years on the ballot will remain eligible for 5 consecutive years via a to be determined “Veterans Committee”

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