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Steve Muzzy
Message From MCOA President Steve Muzzy
Fellow Members and Officials - On behalf of the Executive Council, I wanted to extend sincere gratitude and appreciation for a very successful 2020-2021 for the Mid Coast Officials Association (MCOA). In very trying times, all of our officials rose to the COVID challenge. Not one game in the Fall, Winter, or Spring sports seasons was postponed or canceled due to the unavailability of officials!
From Volleyball Commissioner Peter Catania
Volleyball will be sending out 2 crews to the FHSAA State Playoffs this year. One crew is an all female crew consisting of R1 R2 and Line Judges. The other MCOA crew consists of 4 current NCAA College Officials. These crews are incredible.

The MCOA State Playoff Volleyball Crews:

  • Terri Williams
  • Ellyn Brinsko
  • Audrey Nelson
  • Marcela Vasconcelos

  • Michael Routsong
  • Mitch Jacobs
  • Robert Miller
  • Ricky Cruz
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The MCOA website has been updated
The website was redesigned to be “responsive” i.e., the website responds to the size of your viewing device. It may be viewed on your laptop, tablet, or more importantly your mobile device. Why is that important? Approximately 70% of website traffic is viewed on a mobile device.
We need your pictures
We have some great pictures, but we need more. If you have any crew or game pictures, please send them to the MCOA Arbiter Admin / Webmaster. Also, please look at the Honored page and the Who We Are pages. If you serve (or served) our country, or our community, we want to add you to our Honored page. If you have a picture that defines what you do outside of Sports Officiating, we want to add it to the Who We Are page.
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